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Intuitive Readings & Development, Chakra Healing, Fairy Card Readings, Support Circles 

Holly Hansen

Natural Born, 3rd Generational, Intuitive Healer and Clairvoyant. As the owner of the Indiglow Healing, Holly has been practicing her healing art for the benefit of Indigos, star kids, crystal and rainbow children for 20 years now on the Central Coast.  She lives in Morro Bay and practices at various venues throughout SLO County. She does do phone healings as well if you are not in the local area.

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What is Indiglow Healing?

A series of meditations, healing classes, spiritual counseling/mentorship, energy work, intuitive healings/readings, and support groups to empower the new generation of high vibrational and spiritually aware people.

Indiglow Services

Meeting the spiritual needs of highly sensitive kids, teens and adults.
  • Intuitive Development Meditation classes

  • Indigo and Empath support groups

  • Intuitive Readings & Chakra Healings

  • Spiritual Counseling/Mentorship

  • Fairy Card Readings

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