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Sacred Geometric Inspired Shade Canopys + Stage Decor Design + Art Installations  

Gwendolyn Hodgson 


Fabric architect

Sun whisperer

Geometric Artist

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Fire Breathing Dragon Professional

Dancer Sensationalist

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MandalaUmbra - Fabric Art Shades & Decor

MandalaUmbra: Featuring vibrant, flowing designs inspired by the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life, each is hand-crafted and custom built by Gwendolyn to fulfill the artistic, spiritual and practical shade needs of your gathering or event space. 


Founded in 2016 using upcycled fabric, MandalaUmbra grew naturally from Gwendolyn’s cultural experiences and artistic community participation on California’s Central Coast. Her passion for using spiritual design elements in art installations that also serve as shade structures was nurtured thru hands-on creative experience at local events and festivals where she witnessed and understood the need for art and shade wherever people gather together under the sun and moon.

The lycra and spandex blend stretches, flows and breathes with the wind while supported by high-strength paracord making these pieces durable outdoor furnishings that create a soothing atmospheric space for people to enjoy one another


From cozy Corners to Sunkissed fields I've been creating elaborate Mandalas of fabric panels to brighten your lives. 

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Contact MandalaUmbra


(805) 471-7897

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