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Monica Galli

Monica is a Healing Facilitator helping people nurture strength of spirit through Soul Coaching, Recovery Coaching, and Healing Breathwork


Healing Breathwork Facilitator

Healing Breathwork

Trained Breathwork Facilitator

Levels 1-5 David Elliott 

Monthly Sessions at the The Green Omen Apothecary - 1st Tuesday.

Certified SheRecovers - Recovery Coach

The Green Omen Apothecary 

 6280 Palma Ave Atascadero 


1st Tuesday of each month.

 If you are seeking connection please join us …We are stronger together and we are all recovering from something  

 Circumstances that we are recovering from can be any or some of the following: Abuse Anxiety, Depression and other mental health issues Body Dysmorphia and other related isssues Burnout or Moral Injury Chronic Pain, autoimmune disorders, cancer or other illness Codependency Disordered eating and other food related issues Gaming, gambling, or shopping addiction Grief and Loss Love or Sex Addiction Oppression Substance Misuse and Substance Use Disorders Trauma Workaholism Any other life issues from which we hope to heal As a certified SheRecovers Coach I am trained in the facilitation of these trauma informed gatherings. Feel free to email me with any questions


Certified Soul Coaching Practitioner

Certified Soul Coaching Practitioner 

Spirit Doll Workshops - Spring and Fall 

Soul Coaching Saturdays - Spring and Fall 

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