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Dawn Feuerberg

Guided by Dawn Feuerberg, certified classical ashtanga yoga teacher, classical tantra* meditation instructor, shamanic wisdom keeper,  and founder of Aurora Adventures, LLC, a wellness inspired travel company. Dawn began meditating at age 9, teaching yoga in 1998 and guiding shamanic rituals in 2012. She has studied with Siberian shamans, Zapotec & Toltec wisdom keepers in Oaxaca, Mexico and with world renowned meditation teachers at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Mount Madonna Institute and the Himalayan Institute. For the past decade Dawn has been a dedicated student of Sally Kempton, the highly regarded scholar of spiritual tantra* and yoga philosophy.  Dawn currently holds a 108 hour certificate in Sanskrit and is studying for her advanced degree in yoga philosophy(YSACP 500). She is also a mother of two, a surfer and a Spanish professor. 


Aurora Adventures


Aurora Adventures, LLC is an authentic wellness inspired travel company since 2009 that connect people to indigenous cultures, wildlife, mindful travel, and women’s travel. 

Classical Tantra Meditation

5 AND 10 WEEK PRIVATE MEDITATION SERIES - One on one deeply rooted instruction to support you in developing an ongoing meditation practice that is sustainable, nourishing and life affirming!  Curated to your needs and offers guided meditation, breath-work, intention setting, mantra practice and chakra awareness 

Shamanic Morning Rituals & Full Moon Ceremonies

Connect to the energies of the earth and moon to increase your vitality and awareness and intuitive knowing.  Check the schedule for upcoming Shamanic Morning rituals classes and Full moon Ceremony workshops.


Devine Feminine Embodiment & Goddess Workshops

Open to the empowered sacred feminine within your subtle body through the energy of the Shakti life force. Explore incongraphy, mythology, mantral and devotional practices of Goddesses. Reorder your priorities, kindle joy, uproot habit patterns, for more soccess and abundance in your life. Dawn will introduce the yantra mantra, stula and lessons of the Goddesses.


Wellness Inspired Travel in Latin America

 We curate soulfully integrated travel & experiences that 

Oaxaca, Baja & Central Coast; 1 hour to 1 month adventures that provide deep connection to the local way.  Ideal for solo travelers, families, groups of friends, like minded people and honeymooners.

Connect with Dawn

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Surfing & Yoga on land or sea, life is a moving meditation of gratitude! 

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Surfing & Yoga on land or sea, life is a moving meditation of gratitude! 

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